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Lost data? Our in-house data recovery experts have many years of experience recovering data from many different types of devices in our store including:

Apple Mac: MacBook Pro • MacBook Air • MacBook • Mac Pro • iMac • Mac Mini • Time Machine

Laptop: Dell • Acer • Toshiba • Sony Vaio • Compaq • HP • Samsung • Asus • Advent • Lenovo • Packard Bell • Fujitsu • Alienware • Zoostorm • pcspecialist

Hard drive recovery: Seagate • Hitachi • HGST • Western Digital • Toshiba • Samsung • Buffalo

USB memory stick: SanDisk • Kingston • Crucial • Verbatim • Transcend • Integral • Toshiba • Philips • Lexar


Data recovery from £99

The price includes a diagnostic fee of £20 to be paid upfront and is non refundable.


All prices include:

NAS (single hard drive)
Virus corruptions and deletion
Damaged hard drive partitions
Damaged pins inside USB pen drive
Crashed hard drive, laptop, Mac or a computer
Camera memory cards including micro SD cards
Recovering data from hard drive after formatting
Bent, snapped, cracked or broken USB memory stick
Hard drive corrupted, failed to boot up or SMART error
USB memory stick lost capacity or showing the wrong size
iPhoto library corrupt repair/rebuild and recovery of photos
External hard drive enclosure/caddy with a physical damage
Hard disk drive not initialized, not detected or not recognized
Formatted / inaccessible hard disk drives and USB memory stick
HDD with bad sectors, boot sector reading error or won't mount
Retrieve deleted, missing or inaccessible files, documents, photos or videos
Mobile phones and tablets data recovery including iPhones & iPads, from £99 - £299
USB memory stick not recognised, not showing, not working or needing to be re-formatted
Retrieve files from an external hard drive / USB memory stick with error message similar to:
“Drive must be formatted before it can be used”
“You need to format the disk in drive before you can use it”

Lab data recovery £299

The price includes a diagnostic fee of £39 to be paid upfront and is non refundable.


All prices include:

Liquid damage
Dead hard drive
SCSI hard drives
RAID hard drives
Faulty circuit board
NAS (multiple hard drives)
Server not working / backup is corrupted
Hard drive won't power on / won’t spin up
External hard drive dropped and now making clicking noise
Hard drive data recovery when it's making a buzzing, beeping or clicking noise
Mobile phones and tablets data recovery including iPhones & iPads, from £99 - £299
Failed, faulty or physically damaged hard drive: internal, external and portable hard drives
Solid State Drive (SSD) and Flash Drive including MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina. From £299 for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and MacBook 12"
bits drive backup


Never lose your critical data again... BitsDrive keeps your precious files safe and gives you access to them anywhere.

Remember if your problem isn’t listed please contact us, we may still be able to help.

Please note:

○ When embarking on data recovery the condition of the damaged components and the status of the data itself may necessitate a longer repair time. Optimum repair time is between 2 and 5 days but in some instances this may need to be extended. If you are experiencing any problems not listed then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Never lose your critical data again…


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