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UK Apple Mac Repairs

Fixed Labour Charge - £99

All Apple Macs repaired, including: MacBook Pro • MacBook Air • MacBook • Mac Pro • Mac Mini • iMac • IPad • iPhone

Technicians with years of experience

Our Mac repair technicians have many years of experience repairing many different models of Macs.

We differ from many other Apple Mac repairers, we perform repairs down to a component level, giving you maximum savings.

If you are experiencing any problems that are not listed below, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you and provide a quote.

We will give you free honest advice as to what your repair options are and how much it will cost.

Mac Repair
  • Overheating
  • Hinge replacement
  • Speakers not working
  • Liquid damage or spillage
  • Hard drive upgrade / cloning
  • Mac screen repair / replacement
  • Logic Board repair / replacement
  • Slow Mac? Get it working like new with a full Mac service
  • Mac password reset / removal / recovery including the Admin
  • “Enter your system lock PIN code to unlock this Mac.” removal
  • Broken USB port / not working. Broken audio jack / not working
  • Installing a fresh copy of OS X (optional data backup & restoration £29)
  • Wireless / internet problems (if required, new wireless card is £30 – £40)
  • Virus and malicious software removal (optional data backup & restoration £29)
  • Superdrive (CD / DVD drive) not working (if required, new Superdrive is £50 – £70)
  • Keyboard / TrackPad not working (if required, new keyboard / TouchPad is £30 – £50)
  • Display issues including: distorted, no display, blank screen, white, black, flickering, fuzzy, coloured bars or lines on screen. No backlight, dim / dark screen
  • Power issues including: Mac not turning on, randomly switches off , keeps shutting down or continuously restarts. iMac Power supply issues / replacement. Battery not charging
  • Mac not loading / booting up, freezing / stuck during start-up on Apple logo / spinning wheel / folder with a question mark or a Kernel Panic, and other start-up issues (optional data backup & restoration £29)
  • Mac hard drive replacement: the hard drive will need replacing only if it is physically faulty (e.g. bad sectors). Please note that if your Mac doesn’t load / boot up, this does not necessarily mean that the hard drive is faulty and that it needs replacing. The problem could be caused by a corrupted OS X, which may simply need fixing or re-installing. If you are already re-installed the OS X and the problem is still there, it’s more likely that the hard drive is faulty and needs replacing (Optional backup & restore £29 – backup and restoration of data from your old hard drive to the new drive)

Remember if your problem isn’t listed please contact us, we may still be able to help.

Your repair will take 3-5 working days. If parts need to be ordered, repair may take up to 7 working days. If parts are required, you will be contacted with an updated quotation prior to any repair being undertaken, otherwise the repair will proceed without further reference.