Thank you for your subscription with BitsDrive

On confirmation of you payment we will send you an email with instructions of how to start using your new BitsDrive package.

If you have chosen to pay by standing order, please contact your bank to set up a monthly standing order payment for the correct amount, for:

Bournemouth IT Solutions Ltd, sort code: 40-13-07   account no: 22315386


N.B. If you have a discount code for a trial period, please ensure that standing order payment is scheduled for a date after the initial free trial period expires; i.e. if you begin the subscription on 5th of the month and have one month free, the payment should be taken on 6th of the following month.

In order that we can link your account to your payment details, when you are asked to provide a ‘reference’ on the bank’s standing order page, please use the same email address you have just used to set up your BitsDrive account. (the bank’s reference field may not accommodate all the characters in your email address – in this case simply enter as much of it as it will accept)