by barry on bits
SSD swop out
Your area: old bloke
Why did you choose us?: i saw the shop

I discussed my laptop (i5) issues, suggested swopping hdd to ssd , which they did really pronto, and hey my laptop is now the best laptop in the world. BITS were brilliant. As i’m old i can’t remember the young bloke’s name who served me, but he was 5 stars !

by Mike on bits
Your area: Dorset

My iMac needed a replacement SSD and the service was first class. All done within a few hours and they even kept the shop open at the end of the day so I could pick it up! Would certainly recommend very highly.

Your area: Bournemouth
Why did you choose us?: Recommended by Game Boscombe

Excellent service, no problems, very polite.

by Kev on bits
Iphone repair
Your area: Dorset
Why did you choose us?: I saw your premises on the high street

Second time I have used your services and the second time I have been delighted with with quick and efficient service that has been provided. Great to see a local business prosper!

I would highly recommend!

by Keith Bond on bits
Mac repair
Your area: Lymington

We must thank you for the excellent job you did repairing our computer. Your service is wonderful and it was so kind of you to deliver it back to us. We of course hope we personally do not have to use you again, but we will definitely recommend you to all our friends and family.

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