by Jon Leake on bits
malfunctioning portable hard drive

Many thanks for rescuing all the files on my malfunctioning portable hard drive earlier this month. All the information appears to be present and everything is functioning correctly.

I’m very grateful for your great service, and would certainly recommend your company for this sort of thing.

Brilliant service
Your area: Poole, Dorset
Why did you choose us?: Found on Google

Picked up Macbook Air this morning (30/10/20)after a ‘coffee incident!’ Was still working but would not charge. Cpu damaged.

It took some time for the out sourced specialist to find the problem, but they DID and repaired it.

Far cheaper than having to buy another MAc.

First class service. Friendly staff. Highly efficient.

Very impressed!

by Kyana on bits
I’m clumsy, but they helped!
Your area: Bournemouth
Why did you choose us?: Recommended by a friend

I’m very accident-prone, so you can imagine how frustrated I was when I spilt cold coffee on my Macbook Air. After a small panic, I remembered that my housemate had gone to Bits to fix her laptop and they were amazing. I would 100% agree that she was right. I handed in my laptop, the staff were very understanding and explained everything to me. They did a really good job of calming me down and assuring me they would do the best they could. They didn’t give me false hope, which I really appreciated.

After a few days, I went to pick up my laptop and now it works faster than it did before. I even traded in my old laptop (which I had lying around and didn’t know what to do with it) and they offered me some money for it, which as a student was really helpful to drop down the already agreeable service costs.

Thank you, Bits, for all of your help!

I would 100% recommend your services to other clumsy students like me!

by Michael Mytton on bits
Thank you

Last week you replaced the hard drive in my iMac. Everything has been fine and you even managed to transfer EVERYTHING from the old drive to the new one. The only function that I was unable to restore was to get my printer to scan documents into the computer (even though it would print without problem). I spoke to Apple support for an hour and a half but they were unable to resolve the problem. Yesterday afternoon (Weds 14 Oct 2020) I contacted Bits to seek advice. The technician was not available but the following morning he telephoned me (from his home I believe) and in five minutes, via remote control, had fixed the problem.
When I paid the bill to you for the repairs to my iMac, I did not think it particularly cheap (nor overpriced, by the way), but if I am an example your clients definitely get their money’s worth. Thank you all for the type of service which, unfortunately, is not commonplace today – and particular thanks to the technician who dealt so quickly with my issue (FROM HOME !?)

by Paul on bits
Failed hard drive on iMac
Your area: Muscliffe
Why did you choose us?: Visited website

Hard drive on iMac failed a year after being replaced by another company. Bits replaced within 2 hours of diagnosing the fault. Very professional and excellent customer service.

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