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Full Computer Service £79

For Apple Mac it's £129

excluding parts if required

‘Get your laptop / PC working like new with a full service’

Having problems with your computer? Frustrated by these issues....?

Computer crashes, freezes or stops responding • Overheating / shutting down • Slow computer • Undesirable pop-ups • Browser Redirecting • Web pages taking a long time to start-up • Windows taking a long time to load

This comprehensive service will solve all these problems, speed up your computer and ensures that it is working to its full potential.

Tasks to be carried out during the Full Computer Service include the following:

Full Malware scan and removal – helps protect your computer from security threats and loss that can affect your personal and sensitive data: we run an in-depth scan on your computer to ensure all Viruses, Trojans, Spyware & Adware and any other malicious software are found and removed from your system, which will keep your computer running at peak performance

Full system health check – finding potential problems before they start: we perform a full system health check on your computer to ensure that your computer and its components are in good working condition and not at risk of failure. We will check over you hard drive, SSD and RAM, helping you be sure you will not lose any personal data

Windows optimisation – will speed up your computer: We will remove any unwanted and unused software, we will perform scans to ensure that Windows is completely healthy and not corrupted and we will remove any unnecessary startup items that slow down your PC when it turns on. This optimisation ensures that your computer will perform at its best possible capability.

Valeting – maximising the life of your computer: we undertake a safe and thorough clean of your computer inside and out to make it free of dust and contaminates and also check the smooth running of fans that keep your computer from overheating, which can cause hardware failure. We will examine the original overheating precautions (thermal compound) and replace if necessary.

If you still feel that the PC is running too slowly then we can offer you a free upgrade service, upgrading the hard drive, SSD, RAM or CPU at no extra charge aside from the cost of the parts. If you require a data backup during these repairs then that will also incur no extra charge.

Customer Reviews

Our Computer Repair service is rated 5 out of 5 from 2 reviews.